Evil Season 2 Sounds Like It'll Have A Devilish Start In The Premiere

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Folks, it has been well over a year since we left Evil Season 1 behind, and the show wrapped on some massive cliffhangers which, I'm sure, we've all been dying to dive back into once the new season is finally upon us. One of the major threads of the spooky drama involves the devious meddling of Leland Townsend, which has caused lots of (potentially demonic) trouble for Kristen, David, and Ben, our trio of supernatural investigators. But, we just got some info which makes it sound like the Season 2 premiere of Evil will get the show off to a devilish good start.

Even though it's been quite a while, you will likely remember that there were some serious questions about whether or not supposed forensic psychologist Leland is actually an agent of the devil, or just a very committed agent of chaos who believes he's doing the dark lord's work. Well, according to Robert King, who co-created and co-executive produces Evil with his wife, Michelle King, Season 2 isn't going to come anywhere near letting our confusion about Leland drop, and noted that the premiere will dive right into his potentially devilish nature, telling TV Line:

Leland comes to the church saying he needs an exorcism, because he sold his soul to the devil. It’s a question of whether it’s a con or whether it’s real. And if it’s a con, is he trying to manipulate us? And why?

Woooo, boy. Alright, if you've forgotten (though I don't know how anyone could have, as this moment still haunts my nightmares), after wondering for much of Season 1 about where Leland's allegiances truly lie, the penultimate episode gave us the reveal that Leland at least thinks he's doing the devil's work. We saw him talking to his therapist about his evil plans, and that mental health professional turned out to look a lot like a massive demon, so we at least know where Leland's head is at in one way.

But, does this mean that Leland did sell his soul to the devil for real? After all of the wonderful and disturbing mind games Evil gave us in the first season, I'm willing to believe anything. I will not, however, go to bat for the idea that Leland would ever seek actual help for possession or the like. That man totes adores causing dangerous trouble, and leading others to cause it, as well. In my mind it's entirely possible that Leland thinks he sold his soul but is also just looking for help from the Catholic church as a way to set up the downfall of his real enemies: David, Kristen, and Ben.

Some of our questions will surely be answered when Evil Season 2 premieres on CBS, though we don't know when that will be just yet. For more on what to watch in the coming weeks, check out our 2021 summer TV premiere schedule!

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