Forget Deepfakes, TikToker Goes Viral For Being Jennifer Aniston's Doppelgänger

Jennifer Aniston in Friends

Jennifer Aniston is one of those rare stars who has pretty much looked the same even after decades. Friends debuted nearly 30 years ago, yet Aniston is still very much recognizable as Rachel Green - and that latter part can also be said about her doppelgänger. That's right, forget those bizarre Hollywood deepfakes, because Aniston has a real-life, younger counterpart walking around and making videos on TikTok.

TikToker she_plusthree, whose bio ironically says “Not Jennifer Aniston,” posted a video of herself mouthing the words to one of Rachel Green’s rants about her job from Friends. The rant is one that a lot of us can relate to and one that fans can probably remember easily. But there’s just something about the way this TikToker looks that really helps to sell the idea that she can really be in Rachel's shoes. Check it out:


The resemblance is uncanny! Her facial features are similar to those of Jennifer Aniston, but it's her mannerisms that really give off those Rachel Green vibes. On top of that, she pretty much nails the lip-synching. You can't help but appreciate this Friends fan's commitment to the famous rant.

While there is no denying that the TikToker bears a strong resemblance to Jennifer Aniston, there are some major differences that help to distinguish the social media user from her famous counterpart. For instance, we can see plenty of tattoos on the small amount of skin we can see in the video. We also can catch a glimpse of a gauged ear when the user flips her very Aniston-esque hair, which would be a pretty shocking fashion choice for the actual Jennifer Aniston. All in all, she seems to sport a look that's somewhat edgier than Aniston's.

Honestly it’s pretty awesome to see a natural doppelgänger after having seen so many digitally altered, and admittedly pretty amazing and impressive, deepfakes. Yes, it’s very cool to see our favorite films altered in wild ways and iconic characters played by interesting alternative casting choices. But I think most would agree that it's even rarer and more exciting to see someone who naturally resembles a well-known celebrity.

Well, casting directors certainly know who to look for if they need a Jennifer Aniston look-a-like, though nothing truly beats the actress herself. Even though there’s no deepfake needed when you’ve got your very own doppelgänger, I do wonder how much Friends would change (if at all) if this doppelgänger were to be inserted into a deepfake. A modern day, tatted-up Rachel Green would have been... interesting, to say the least (reboot idea?).

Carlie Hoke
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