The MCU's What If...? Trailer Has Wild Takes For Chadwick Boseman's Black Panther, The Avengers And Even Marvel Zombies

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The introduction of the multiverse into the Marvel Cinematic Universe allows for multitudes of scenarios that can play out in any way, shape, or form. What if Tony Stark never had to become Iron Man? What if Black Panther’s T’challa was a Ravager, allowing the late Chadwick Boseman to play around in the Guardians of the Galaxy universe? What if Marvel Studios finally gave the world Marvel Zombies, and didn’t need to worry about an MPAA rating? All of these questions, and more, are about to be answered in the liberating new Disney+ series, aptly entitled, Marvel Studios’ What If…?

Courtesy of the new trailer released by Disney+, seen above, fans are finally treated to a new, longer glimpse into the madness they’ve been patiently waiting to enjoy. And what’s better, What If…? finally has a release date for when it’ll be shared with the world. Starting August 11th, you’ll get to see brand new scenarios switching up the comic-inspired universe's canon, as well as the final MCU performance of the late Chadwick Boseman. Of course, that’s just the beginning of what’s in store for this wild world of Marvel mayhem.

Zombie Tony Stark raises his repulsor glove in Marvel Studios' What If...?

Yeah, as you can see above, the ever-popular Marvel Zombies line is about to come into play in the MCU for the first time. The bad news is that an adventure like that is bound to become quite intense, and the losses may be traumatic. (Maybe not so much bad news for the villains.) The good news, though, is that everyone who wanted to see Tony Stark come back from his death in Avengers: Endgame just had that wish come true! Probably not in the way everyone hoped, and with more severe consequences to the MCU, but beggars can't be choosers.

The constant thread throughout Marvel Studios’ What If…? is putting new MCU-specific spins on old favorites, as told by one of the Watchers that oversees all of time and space, with The Batman’s Jeffrey Wright lending his dulcet tones to the narration. These visions of alternate Marvel Cinematic Universe events take on an awesome Twilight Zone-style in their execution, just with way more action than any TZ iteration. And of course, it all complements the stunning animation, like this image pulled from Hayley Atwell’s return to Marvel, this time as the superpowered, ass-kicking, shield-swinging “Captain Carter.”

Captain Carter in full uniform in Marvel Studios' What If...?

Just about anything is possible in the anthological MCU storytelling coming to Marvel Studios’ What If…? Horrific tales of terror, the return of old friends, and the possibility that either Peter Parker or Scott Lang wound up becoming a head in a jar, Futurama-style, await fans when they take this new and exciting trip through Marvel Studios canon. And with today’s news, you won’t have to wait too long to see the multiple answers to that very central question.

Marvel Studios’ What If…? debuts to the world, only on Disney+, on August 11th. That date makes the fact that the Loki season finale is fast approaching a little easier on Marvel fans, as they won’t have to wait too much longer for their next adventure. Though if you’re looking to head out to the movies, or spend some extra money on Disney+ Premier Access, that wait can be dulled by taking in a showing of Black Widow. But you need to be a Disney+ subscriber to get in on the action, so if you’re a newcomer, check out the current subscription offer and stop asking “What if…?”

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