Big Brother Spoilers: How The Week 4 HOH Competition Really Messed Up Many Houseguests' Games

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Big Brother Season 23 episode that aired Wednesday, July 29. Read at your own risk!

The Big Brother 23 house sent Brent Champagne packing, and with him gone came the most important Head of Household of the season yet. After this week is finished, the team twist will be finished, and the jury phase of the competition will be in full effect. This means teams are ultra invested in keeping as many people they've aligned with over these four weeks in the house, so winning safety would've been huge.

Unfortunately for the house, the ultimate nightmare scenario happened for several players in the house. Even with Xavier Prather unable to compete, the Kings managed to secure a back-to-back Head of Household win and put Christian Birkenberger as the key Week 4 HOH. So, why is this so big for the Kings, and how did the rest of the house allow this to happen? Let's break it all down below.

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Christian's Win Gives The Kings A Massive Advantage Going Forward

Now that Christian Birkenberger (who already has a few wins this season) is Big Brother 23's Week 4 Head of Household, the Kings are guaranteed to be the only team with their alliance fully intact when the twist is over. That's huge for them because obviously, all of this team (Christian, Xavier Prather, Alyssa Lopez, and Sarah Beth Steagall) now has a competitive edge over the rest of the teams in the next stage and an incentive to work together. This was a huge win for the Kings and will undoubtedly lead to some longevity in the game for at least a few of them.

Tiffany and Derek X during the Wildcard competition

Why This Is A Disaster For Most Of The Other Houseguests

Everyone in the house who wasn't a part of the Kings fully intended on the live feeds to nominate a Kings member this week to put all teams at three members each. This wasn't just for the sake of fairness, but so that the house had a unified target which obviously makes a lot of others in the house feel a lot safer. Now, with Christian Birkenberger leading the house, it's whoever he (and possibly Alyssa Lopez) wants up this week, and the house doesn't know who that will be.

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Why This Win Is All The Queens' And Aces' Faults

The Kings' win may seem like a stroke of bad luck for the Big Brother 23 cast, but really there was a high probability of this happening thanks to the Queens and Aces. Tiffany Mitchell, along with the others, wanted to take a shot at the Kings, but for some reason, decided it was too risky for anyone in the Queens (Tiffany, Claire Rehfuss, Kyland Young) and Aces (Whitney Williams, Derek Xiao, Hannah Chaddha) alliance to make that move. Their grand idea was to throw the Head of Household to the Jokers (Britini D'Angelo, Derek Frazier, Azah Awasum) and let the underdog team get blood on their hands.

It was a plan that, frankly, was doomed from the start. Excluding the opening team captain competition, Britini has competed in three competitions and lost, Derek has competed in one and lost, and Azah has not competed. Quite frankly, it was a bone-headed move to assume they could throw the Head of Household, and the Jokers would magically step up against the Kings who had an inkling they were at risk. Some of the Houseguests seemingly noticed that at the last minute, but it was far too late to do anything about it.

Derek X and Hannah Big Brother CBS

Who Will Suffer Because Of This?

Most likely, someone on the Aces will be sent home on Christian Birkenberger's Head of Household. With that said, I wouldn't really say anyone is safe this week, and that should have everyone who isn't a King worried. Prior to the Head of Household, Alyssa Lopez tried to convince her showmance Christian that Hannah was the ideal target for this week, but we'll just have to wait and see what he decides.

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