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Tom Hiddleston Sounds Like A Heartwarming Hero In Loki Stuntwoman's Touching Story From The Set

Tom Hiddleston as Loki in Loki.

Although Loki had its Season 1 finale back in July, cast and crew from the series are still talking it. Particularly about Loki himself, Tom Hiddleston. Following the finale, a stuntwoman on the Marvel and Disney+ series shared a touching story from the set that involves Hiddleston as a hero rather than a villain.

Briana Darnell, who is Sophia Di Martino’s stunt double on Loki, took to Instagram to add “to the pile of ‘Tom Hiddleston is a gentleman and kind human being’ stories.” She shared a heartwarming story about the actor on set:

While filming Episode 4, I had a brain injury flareup. I couldn't keep focused and was forgetting everything @itssophiadimartino did in rehearsal. It got bad enough that Tom had to step in to tell me what to do and where to go. I was insanely embarrassed as I prided myself at being good at my job, yet I couldn't remember basic choreography. As my internal anxiety was growing to panic levels, Tom suddenly took me by the shoulders and just held on for a minute with a gentle gaze. I realized later it was actually part of the scene, thus was likely just Tom being in the moment. But I like to think somehow, subconsciously he picked up on me needing comfort at that moment.

Briana Darnell continued her touching story by explaining how special that moment was for her. Because of COVID, she didn’t get her communication style/love language as often and Hiddleston comforting her was something she will never forget as she was in a vulnerable place at the time:

Touch is my communication style/love language and during COVID touch was especially rare. That simple hold on my shoulders and kind eyes took me down from teetering on a crying panic attack to just mild embarrassment I could then shake off and continue working.

While Tom Hiddleston's Loki may be an antihero at best on the big and small screens, he is actually a heartwarming hero IRL. It’s always incredible hearing stories of just how kind and caring a celebrity is in real life as compared to their characters. Hiddleston being there for his colleague and comforting her when she needed it at such a vulnerable time is so special. It’s probably not easy having such bad anxiety before filming a scene, but knowing that someone is there to comfort you must make it all the more better.

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If more stories are shared over the coming weeks revealing more about how sweet and kind Tom Hiddleston is, don’t be surprised, as that seems to be a theme lately. But it should keep fans occupied until Season 2 of Loki, even though that’s probably a long ways away.

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