Bill Hader And Henry Winkler Couldn't Look Happier To Start Filming HBO's Barry Season 3

Barry and Gene in Barry

Bill Hader's Barry has been a big hit for HBO, and with over two years since Season 2, it's long overdue for a return to television. The dramedy is finally in production for Season 3, and Hader and co-star Henry Winkler look as excited as fans probably feel at the coming return of the series.

HBO announced that Barry is in production for Season 3 on social media and celebrated the event with a picture of Bill Hader and Henry Winkler (who won his first Emmy on the series) smiling ear to ear. Those are certainly not the types of smiles you'd see on Barry and Gene in the show, so get a good look and continue on for more on the upcoming episodes.

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Bill Hader and Henry Winkler are cheesing it up in this picture, but one has to think there will be no smiles shared between Barry Berkman and Gene Cousineau in Barry Season 3. Season 2's finale featured Gene's arrest after he was wrongfully accused of killing his girlfriend and detective Janice Moss. Barry was actually responsible for killing Moss, something we learned Gene was made aware of thanks to Barry's old handler from his hitman profession, Fuches.

The final moments of Barry Season 2 featured Gene's realization that Barry Berkman was indeed responsible for the murder, which will no doubt play a massive role in Season 3. Barry will presumably struggle to justify the fact that he had to kill Janice after she correctly pegged him as the killer the LAPD had been looking for. Barry, hoping to put his life of killing behind him, thought that if he just disposed of Janice, he could resume his newfound passion and career in acting.

Obviously, things haven't worked out that way. Things going wrong in Barry's attempt to leave contract killing behind has been unavoidable, and his secret life keeps being exposed to people he attempts to get close to. One can imagine his amateur theater career is over if Gene has anything to say about it, though viewers didn't really get a read on what Gene planned to do after his discovery.

Barry didn't win six Emmys for being a series that serves up predictable twists and endings, which makes it impossible to guess with any degree of certainty what could happen in Season 3. One thing that does seem likely is that Barry will look to keep Fuches from meddling in his life by any means necessary, though at this point, it's hard to say whether the damage Fuches did to his new life is unfixable. Hey, if nothing else, at least Barry still has a friend in NoHo Hank, right?

Barry Season 3 doesn't currently have a release date but will arrive on HBO when it is ready. Speaking of HBO, there's been a lot of fallout following HBO Max's streaming deal for Warner Bros. pictures, but there could be even more following this latest deal the studio inked for 2022.

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