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Arrow Vet Katherine McNamara Looks Pumped For Green Arrow's Return To Arrowverse On The Flash Season 8

Katherine McNamara as Mia Smoak in Arrow.

While fans didn’t get an Arrowverse crossover last year due to COVID, characters from shows past and present will be colliding again next season. The Flash’s five-part opener will be a special crossover event titled “Armageddon,” featuring the appearances of several heroes from throughout the superhero shows. One of those includes Katherine McNamara’s Mia Smoak, who will be returning as the Green Arrow, taking up her dad’s mantle. And the actress is more than pumped.

Katherine McNamara, who was previously in the running for an Arrowverse show of her own, took to Twitter to share her excited reaction to the news of her return to the role of Mia Smoak:

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The return of Katherine McNamara is definitely exciting for Arrow fans who are still tuning into the Arrowverse and holding out for any mentions of the show that started it all. The Flash’s Season 8 crossover event will also feature Black Lightning’s Cress Williams, Legends of Tomorrow’s Brandon Routh, Batwoman’s Javicia Leslie, Supergirl’s Chyler Leigh, and Osric Chau, who was introduced in “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” Tom Cavanagh from The Flash and Arrow's Neal McDonough will also reprise their villainous roles. McNamara is definitely pumped about her character’s return and the chance to once again take up the bow that once belonged to Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen.

The crossover will mark Katherine McNamara’s return to the Arrowverse since flagship series Arrow came to an end in 2020. The CW passed on potential spinoff Green Arrow and the Canaries earlier this year, and when asked this summer whether she could return to the network to reprise her Green Arrow role, McNamara had said that she’d “be happy to shoot arrows again.” That was before The Flash began filming for Season 8, so it’s unknown whether or not she knew at the time she’d be coming back.

According to EW, Team Flash will once again need the help of their superhero friends following an alien threat. It's interesting to note that the majority of the heroes who will be included in the crossover are from shows that are no longer airing. Arrow came to an end last year while Black Lightning ended earlier this year, and Supergirl is in the midst of airing its final season and will finish up before The Flash returns. Brandon Routh and Tom Cavanagh have also exited their respective shows. It’s nice to see that even though these heroes are no longer on their shows anymore, they are still free to pop into the other ones, if the threat is big enough and the stakes high enough.

Fans still have a few more months until this crossover, since The Flash won’t be premiering until November, and Stargirl and Supergirl are still airing. But it looks like this crossover will be a big one and will definitely make fans happy with the return of multiple heroes who they haven’t seen in a while. Even a couple fan-favorite villains. Season 8 of The Flash premieres on Tuesday, November 16 at 8 p.m. EST with “Armageddon” on The CW.

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