Departing Law And Order: SVU Actor Confirms She’s Leaving, Offers Context

With just a couple of weeks until Law & Order: SVU Season 23 begins, it was recently announced that the series will be getting a shake up in the cast. At the start of Labor Day weekend, news broke that both Jamie Gray Hyder and Demore Barnes will be leaving the long-running drama, and now Hyder is speaking out.

Jamie Gray Hyder and Demore Barnes joined Law & Order: SVU in Season 21, recurring as Officer Kat Tamin and Deputy Chief Christian Garland, respectively, before being upped to series regulars for Season 22. The two of them will now exit during Season 23's two-hour premiere, and Hyder confirmed her exit on Twitter and provided some context for fans:

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In her post, Jamie Gray Hyder explained that the decision to be let go from the cast was made above her pay grade. While she didn’t exactly get to leave on her own terms, her post does make it seem like SVU and the fans will always have a special place in her heart. In her words:

To anyone who felt represented by any part of Kat’s being or mission. Please know that you will always have representation in me. Thank you to the SVUniverse for welcoming me with open arms. It’s been an experience that I have grown from greatly and will never forget.

Since Jamie Gray Hyder and Demore Barnes will be exiting SVU when Season 23 premieres, how will their stories come to an end? It will surely be not only interesting to see, but also an emotional ride as two more characters will be departing from the squad. Though could it be possible for them to return? It all depends on how their exits are approached and whether or not it leaves the door open for either of them. Hopefully this just paves the way for future appearances in the Law & Order franchise, such as on Organized Crime.

While it’s heartbreaking that Law & Order: SVU is losing two stars when Season 23 premieres, don’t count them out just yet. Throughout its long run, SVU has been known to bring back characters, even if it isn’t for too long. Need I remind you about the return of Elliot Stabler after a decade? Even though Jamie Gray Hyder didn’t choose to leave the series and may not have left on the best note, perhaps fans could see Kat Tamin return in a future season or maybe even another spinoff. Either way, I am hoping that her story at least wraps up nicely so fans will have something to hope for.

Just how will Law & Order: SVU wrap up Officer Tamin and Deputy Chief Garland’s stories after two seasons? Soon fans will find out if it’s worth it. Season 23 premieres Thursday, September 23 on NBC! Learn what other TV shows are kicking off new seasons with our 2021 fall TV premiere schedule.

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