FBI: International Showrunner Talks Upcoming Crossovers In The Dick Wolf TV Universe

fbi international Luke Kleintank as Special Agent Scott Forrester and Heida Reed as Special Agent Jamie Kellett cbs
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FBI: International is coming to CBS to take the crime-fighting action of the FBI franchise global, starting with a three-part crossover event. The Fly Team is a group of elite operatives based out of Budapest to track and neutralize threats to American citizens, facing some challenges that agents on the other side of the ocean don't generally have to deal with. The new show will be part of the same TV universe as FBI, FBI: Most Wanted, and all of the shows executive produced by Dick Wolf, and showrunner Derek Haas weighed in on his time building up that universe and crossovers on the way.

Derek Haas has served as showrunner for Chicago Fire for ten seasons already, so he came to FBI: International with plenty of experience working in the universe of Dick Wolf shows that currently spans eight shows, two networks, and over two decades. With the highly-anticipated FBI: International premiering in the 2021-2022 TV season, Haas shared with CinemaBlend how all of his experience within the Dick Wolf universe helped him prepare the new FBI show:

It’s always a blast launching a new show, and it helps to work with a team of experienced, innovative storytellers. I can’t imagine getting this show on its feet with anyone else.

FBI: International certainly has an ambitious premise in taking the action overseas and far away from the FBI shows that are already such hits with viewers, but it's coming to the small screen courtesy of some TV veterans thanks to Derek Haas, Dick Wolf, and Wolf Entertainment. With current titles ranging from the two Law & Order series to the three One Chicago shows to the now three FBIs, it's hard to argue against the recipe for success.

Plus, International is launching with a crossover that links International to FBI and Most Wanted straight out of the gate for what could be a positively cinematic experience spread over one full night of primetime. And according to Derek Haas, the premiere will be the first of multiple crossovers. The showrunner said:

I love to do mini-crossovers! You’ll be seeing familiar faces regularly on FBI: International.

Who says that being set an ocean apart means that FBI: International can't feature some characters that fans will know from other shows? Previews for the crossover event between the three FBI shows reveal that Zeeko Zaki's OA will make the trip over to Budapest to work with the International team, and in the Zoom era, it's not hard to imagine more ways for mini crossovers to happen between the shows.

Derek Haas didn't spoil the familiar faces who will appear on FBI: International, but it's something to look forward to and speculate about. After all, there are plenty of characters who could fit the bill, and OA appearing on International in the flesh provides a direct connection to a lot of other shows. Haas revealed the kinds of cases that are in store with International:

We’ll follow cases each week… the same as the other two shows. There are always personal stories mixed in with the cases.

International is going to follow cases of the week rather than spin a serialized story, and the weekly cases could provide a rich backdrop for viewers to learn more about the characters who are saving lives and solving crimes overseas. The show stars Luke Kleintank as Scott Forrester, Heida Reed as Jamie Kellett, Carter Redwood as Andre Raines, Vinessa Vidotto as Cameron Vo, and Christiane Paul as Katrin Jaeger. Plus, a canine member of the Fly Team who goes by the name of Tank!

Meet the Fly Team when FBI: International premieres on Tuesday, September 21 at 10 p.m. ET on CBS as the third part of the crossover that begins with FBI at 8 p.m. ET and continues with FBI: Most Wanted at 9 p.m. ET. Following the first week, International will shift to 9 p.m. to switch places with Most Wanted, but fans are guaranteed a full night of FBI action on Tuesdays this fall!

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