Cinemax’s Banshee has slowly and steadily been building an audience over at the subscription cable network. Jonathan Tropper and David Schickler’s over-the-top drama (executive produced by Alan Ball) about seedy criminals and the small town that serves as a hub for said criminal activities earned its highest viewership during its Season 2 finale last March. Ahead of the show’s Season 3 premiere, HBO Home Entertainment has released Banshee: The Complete Second Season onto Blu-ray and DVD and we highly suggest you give it a shot before the new season rolls around.

The set itself is filled with plenty of goodies, including a slew of deleted scenes and “Zoomed In” looks inside the episodes. But it’s really all about the episodes, and if you haven’t caught Cinemax’s small town, action-oriented drama, here are three big reasons to tune in.

luke and anastasia
Banshee Has Depth
Throughout the first season of Banshee, the series focuses on heavy-hitting action. Brawling and weapons are mainstays, and much of the drama is based around masculine ideas of manhood and being the biggest badass in the room. But there is also the remnants of a romance at the core of the series, and Banshee’s second season is shaped even harder around how past feelings and entanglements can shape the present. It’s easy to dismiss the drama as one that’s more about muscle than intellect, but those who think that probably haven’t been watching carefully.

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