Although there have been a few hopeful pickups this Friday, today’s big news from the networks has actually been rather negative, featuring plenty of cancelations. One of the more eventful cancelations was ABC’s Suburgatory, a delightful and oddball comedy that has run for three seasons on the network. While ABC’s decision is justifiable, we’ll still miss the utter zaniness of Emily Kapnek’s show, and what better way to send it off than to bring up the five most important plot ideas that helped Suburgatory to stand out from the pack? Without further ado, here are the five stories, plots and relationships we’ll miss about ABC’s Suburgatory.

The Marketing
Suburgatory was never a show to hold back when it came to marketing. The series first released a slew of photographs featuring a New York brownstone shunted up against a slew of identical row house in the suburbs. It seemed like your typical city girl versus the suburbs series. And then things got weird.

Over the years, Suburgatory showed Tessa and George’s embracing of the suburbs in a variety of ways. Most noticeably, Tessa and George shed their roots in the show’s opener, during which Tessa favors a cute gingham half shirt and George swaps his favored plaid shirt for a polo. During Season 3, the show even changed up the opening sequence to include marionettes. Suburgatory has been a girl versus the suburbs series, but its characters have also been outside-the-box and its writing has taken chances that made it something special. Which leads us to…

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