Velocity-9-infused spoilers for The Flash are below.

With very little fluff involved, “Versus Zoom” was easily one of the best episodes of the series thus far, and is to me the most effective effort from Season 2, wisely using so much of what’s been previously set up to inform everything that happened during the briskly paced hour. Viewers got everything that they were promised when it comes to the big bad Zoom and his backstory, which got nearly as dark as his costume, and slightly more uncomfortable (presuming it’s not the snuggest fit). While there are definitely questions that are left to be answered about Zoom in the The Flash’s future, here are five big things that we learned about the darkness-filled man both in and out of the mask.

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Hunter Zolomon’s Dad Was a Real P.O.S.
“Versus Zoom” kicked off with an incredibly dark scene that brought out an obvious comparison point between Hunter Zolomon and Barry Allen: both characters had mothers that were murdered. Only instead of being the victim of a time-traveling, vengeance-seeking baddie, Hunter’s mom Ashley was the victim of her war veteran husband James, who clearly did not like what she was up to in his absence. But did he really have to shoot her in cold blood right in front of young Hunter? That brutal scene makes me wonder about how Hunter would handle things if he zipped back to the past to the time of that killing; would he stop it or, at the very least, take young Hunter out of the room as Barry did to his younger self, throwing that timeline into chaos? In any case, rarely has a character been so irrefutably heinous in such a limited period of time as Papa Zolomon, and it clearly had an effect on Hunter’s orphanage-filled future.

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