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How Zoom Got His Powers
Someone getting powers means Harry was involved, but this was seriously the last person who should have gotten them. Even without talents that allowed him vibrate his hand into another person’s body, Hunter Zolomon clearly wasn’t destined for any Nobel Peace Prizes, as Harry revealed he’d grown up to be a notorious podcast-inspiring Earth-2 serial killer convicted of 23 murders. (And a killer whose hair game was most excellently not on point.) The particle accelerator explosion happened during the unreformed criminal’s post-conviction electroshock session, which one could argue was more effective in that case than it would have been otherwise. With all of these new speedy powers, Hunter could have just reverted to his old habits and killed whoever he wanted, but he chose to become a superhero as a way of giving his world hope, just so he could strip it away as the supervillain. So it looks like the explosion added patience and a more rational deviousness to his sociopathic tendencies.

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