Aside from the legendary 1960s TV series, Batman barely had any history with live-action television until September 2014, when Fox’s Gotham premiered. While Bruno Heller's prequel series does include a young Bruce Wayne years before he puts on the cape and cowl, the show focuses on Detective James Gordon and his interactions with the interesting individuals of Gotham City, including younger versions of several future Batman villains. However, if things had gone differently in the pitching process, we might have seen a completely different version of Gotham on our TV screens.

Voices From Krypton has posted an exclusive look at the Batman TV show, also named Gotham, that was prepped to be pitched at the same time as the prequel airing right now. Written by Harry Locke IV, this series would explored the unusual events happening in Gotham City from the perspective of its citizens rather than its shadowy vigilante. There’s a lot to take in from the treatment, character descriptions and summary of the pilot, but here are the five things you should know about the Batman series that never was.

5. The Main Character Isn’t From The Comics
5. The Main Character Wasn’t From The Comics
Rather than focusing on Batman, this show’s main character would have been Olivia Sage, the 21-year old daughter of police officer Nicholas Sage and a university psychiatry major. Olivia’s mother passed away 10 year before the show’s first episode “Beacon,” and the pilot would have featured her mourning the loss of her also-dead sister Amber, who was murdered. The series would have followed Olivia as she attempted to seek revenge for her sister’s death all while navigating the dangers of Gotham City.

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