When Arrow and The Flash return to The CW in October, the eponymous heroes will be dealing with an assortment of new evildoers. In Starling City, Oliver Queen will be facing off against Damien Darhk and his organization H.I.V.E., and Batman adversary Anarky will be recurring as well. Meanwhile, over in Central City, Barry Allen will deal with the new main antagonist Zoom, who is said to be faster than both Flash and Reverse-Flash. Atom Smasher will also be giving the Scarlet Speedster trouble in the Season 2 premiere, and it’s been mentioned that Mirror Master and Doctor Alchemy will eventually appear.

Needless to say, the above characters sound like they would be plenty for DC’s TV heroes to deal with, but since these seasons are 23 episodes, there will undoubtedly be other villains gracing the small screen in the following months. Since DC Comics has an expansive library of supervillains, we’ve gone ahead and picked five great bad guys that Arrow and The Flash need to use for their upcoming seasons, both from their main rogues galleries and some that are primarily known for fighting other heroes. Take a look at the talented candidates.

Solomon Grundy
Solomon Grundy - The Flash
The Cyrus Gold we saw serving Brother Blood in Arrow Season 2 may have had enhanced strength after being juiced up with Mirakuru, but he never became the Solomon Grundy fans know from the comics. When Oliver disabled the stolen centrifuge in “Three Ghosts,” the resulting explosion sprayed the chemicals within on Cyrus’ face, seemingly killing him. However, let’s not forget that not long after Gold was neutralized, a certain particle accelerator exploded in Central City. While Solomon Grundy was created from magic in the comics, this universe could have Gold somehow be revived by the particle accelerator wave, either instantaneously or months later, turning him into a zombie metahuman. Rather than go back to Arrow, this Solomon Grundy would battle Barry Allen and maybe other heroes on The Flash. Undead monstrosities would probably be a better fit for that show.

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