Warning: major spoilers for this week’s episode of The Flash are ahead!

The biggest mystery during The Flash Season 2 has been the identity of its main antagonist, Zoom. Although the villain’s voice is provided by Tony Todd, the man behind the creepy mask had remained hidden until this past Tuesday, when his face was finally revealed. You’ll remember at the end of “Escape from Earth-2” that Jay Garrick was impaled by Zoom near the breach before he was dragged back to Earth-2. Well, at the end of “King Shark,” viewers watched Zoom drop Jay’s body in his lair and peel off his mask to reveal himself as…Jay Garrick?

Yes, actor Teddy Sears is the one who is playing Zoom in live-action, but unfortunately, many fans have been left more confused than satisfied by the reveal. Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg later identified Zoom to EW as “Hunter Zolomon, a.k.a Jay Garrick.” Although Hunter being Zoom makes sense since that’s who he is in the Flash comics, that doesn’t really clear up any questions that are wracking our brains concerning the TV series. With eight episodes left in the season, there’s still a lot we don’t know about Zoom, much like the situation with Reverse-Flash last season. Following that welcome-but-complicated, reveal, here are the five biggest questions on our minds.

Which Hunter Zolomon Is This?
Which Hunter Zolomon Is This?
The first mention of Hunter Zolomon in The Flash was when Jay identified him as his Earth-1 doppelgänger to Caitlin Snow in “The Reverse-Flash Returns.” From the way Jay talked about him, Hunter’s just a normal guy living a normal life, but as we’ve since learned, Jay has lied about certain things. So it is possible that this Hunter is the one who’s been causing hell in both Earths over the last five months? Maybe, but remember that Harry Wells “created” Zoom, meaning that Earth-2’s particle accelerator exploding was responsible for his transformation. So unless Earth-1 Hunter somehow made his way to Earth-2 two years ago, then that doesn’t seem likely, which also rules out this being a Hunter from another Earth. That leaves us with a Hunter Zolomon from Earth-2, but how does he fit into all this? That brings us to our next section.

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