Some people spend each year looking forward to annual events like birthdays, sports championships and holidays. And then there are those of us in constant wait for the next Toy Story special and/or short to come around and make us feel like children again. Thankfully, the post-Toy Story 3 days have been as fruitful as ever for our gang, and this year’s Toy Story That Time Forgot is an expectedly near-perfect new adventure that was absolutely worth the wait.

At just 21 minutes, Toy Story That Time Forgot is a lean, green plastic fighting machine, introducing franchise stalwarts like Woody, Buzz, Trixie and Rex to an all new world of malevolent playthings. Below, you’ll find our five favorite moments from the dino-filled animation, although the entire shebang could have been the lone entry on this list. Man, I love these things.

Trixie Gets the Spotlight
One of the best parts about the expanded Toy Story universe is that the side characters get to stand front and center for a while. The wholesome personality of Trixie the Triceratops (Kristen Schaal) is our focus here, along with Rex (Wallace Shawn) to a smaller degree. Though she is initially annoyed that toy owner Bonnie would rather pretend that she and Rex are anything BUT dinosaurs, her trip into the world of the Battlesaurs teaches her about presupposition, showing her that a toy’s role is truly in the eye of its beholder. It’s not the most progressive lesson to be taught, but it shows the importance of letting your personality shine through no matter what designation one is given in life. Even if it’s a reindeer with pipe-cleaner antlers.

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