Spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 6 and the comics below.

On Sunday night, The Walking Dead will bring Season 6 to a half-close with the midseason finale titled “Start to Finish,” and even the most braindead of fans knows this means someone major will be taking their final breaths during the episode. The survivors are facing their biggest pre-hiatus threat yet, now that the water tower has crashed down on Alexandria’s outer wall, allowing an entry point for the gigantic herd of walkers that have been gathering outside. Shit’s definitely gonna get worse before it gets better.

Here are the five characters most likely to get bitten, shot, stabbed, dropped off a roof, run over by a motorcycle or (fill in the blank) on Sunday night. Let’s kick things off with the mullet-est character of the bunch.

the walking dead
You guys know that positing Eugene’s death doesn’t mean I actually want him to die, right? There are two mildly relevant factors going into us thinking that Eugene might not make it to the show’s return in 2016. First, there was that rumor floating around a while back, and then there’s the fact that Eugene is the person who called for help in the Daryl episode a couple of weeks ago. He’s on par with most Alexandria citizens in terms of self-preservation, and it’s possible his plea for assistance may have been followed by him getting his face eaten off.

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