5 Walking Dead Characters That Could Die In The Midseason Finale

Spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 6 and the comics below.

On Sunday night, The Walking Dead will bring Season 6 to a half-close with the midseason finale titled “Start to Finish,” and even the most braindead of fans knows this means someone major will be taking their final breaths during the episode. The survivors are facing their biggest pre-hiatus threat yet, now that the water tower has crashed down on Alexandria’s outer wall, allowing an entry point for the gigantic herd of walkers that have been gathering outside. Shit’s definitely gonna get worse before it gets better.

Here are the five characters most likely to get bitten, shot, stabbed, dropped off a roof, run over by a motorcycle or (fill in the blank) on Sunday night. Let’s kick things off with the mullet-est character of the bunch.

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You guys know that positing Eugene’s death doesn’t mean I actually want him to die, right? There are two mildly relevant factors going into us thinking that Eugene might not make it to the show’s return in 2016. First, there was that rumor floating around a while back, and then there’s the fact that Eugene is the person who called for help in the Daryl episode a couple of weeks ago. He’s on par with most Alexandria citizens in terms of self-preservation, and it’s possible his plea for assistance may have been followed by him getting his face eaten off.

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Even though we haven’t spent that much time with Deanna in Season 6, we’re more than aware that something inside her shattered to pieces when her husband Reg was killed. She’s slightly suicidal now, and her will to live is dwindling. It doesn’t seem likely that the circumstances of her death will play out in the same way as her comic book counterpart Douglas, particularly the moments involving Carl, but she doesn’t present much of a narrative thrust and it’s possible she might just become a non-noteworthy casualty as the herd travels through the community. Here’s hoping Maggie learned all the leadership skills she needed.

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The thing I said about Eugene goes the same for Morgan; I don’t want to see this guy die, given we’re just finally getting to know him better. But his current “kill nothing” worldview doesn’t make him much of a contender in this situation. He’s mentally conflicted about nearly everything, not the least of which is secretly sheltering one of the Wolves, and that terrible decision could be what haunts him to his dying day, which could be Sunday. This is the point in which he goes down in the comics, falling victim to the walkers taking over Alexandria, but we’re hoping this is a situation where the story got changed in the adaptation process.

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In just a few episodes, Ron Anderson has managed to out-Carl Carl as the most ugh-worthy teenager in the post-apocalypse. Basically, all we know about Ron is that he’s brooding over his dad’s death and he absolutely hates both male members of the Grimes family. Our guess is he’s going to do some major damage to Carl at some point during the herd attack – and comic fans know what that damage will be – and if that happens, there’s no way Rick allows him to live. Killing two members of the Anderson family probably won’t help Rick’s relationship with Jessie.

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Is this answer really all that crazy? We all know the story about the boy who cried wolf, and considering this show has a group called the Wolves, is it that difficult to believe Scott Gimple and Robert Kirkman kept fans waiting on edge for weeks to see what happened to Glenn, only to turn around and kill him off in the episode after his survival was confirmed? (Those points may not be directly related.) It would be part-genius and part-heinous, but 100% shocking. Even guessing that it might happen, I would still be gape-mouthed to see Glenn get legitimately killed off this weekend. But not necessarily disappointed.

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