The Walking Dead: Here's Who Actually Called For Help

You know the drill. There are mega-spoilers below, so if you’re interested in staying surprised with The Walking Dead moving forward, don’t look down.

Last Sunday night, we watched as Daryl survived a run-in with The Saviors – or at least some people who had escaped that group – and the episode ended with an anonymous call for help coming over the walkie-talkie. We’ve shared our guesses on who that voice might have belonged to, and now that person has been revealed. Are you ready? It was Eugene.

That’s right. Not Glenn. Not Rick. Not Dwight. Not a mystery man in the moon. Eugene. If that’s enough info for you, back away!

According to The Spoiling Dead Fans, we won’t even be seeing that call for help happen in the next episode. Apparently it’s not until The Walking Dead’s Season 6 midseason finale that Eugene makes theradio-based plea. What inspires him to do so? That’s when the massive walker herd will finally break through Alexandria’s walls and shamble all over the safe haven. Some serious structure damage is coming, and no one is safe at that point.

It comes as a half of a half of a half of a surprise that it’s Eugene on the other end, when you really think about it. He’s definitely not the person to keep a strong defense going inside of Alexandria, as he’s got all of the leadership qualities of a sack of potatoes. Granted, he’s shown a few moments of bravery in the past, but he’s definitely better on the planning side of things than the reacting side. Now, if someone could just weaponize his mullet in some way, they’d be in business. (Incidentally, do you guys think it has anything to do with this?)


Even though the call won’t be happening in the next episode, “Always Accountable” certainly looks like it’ll be setting things up for the finale. The previews show a lot of the action happening in Alexandria, and then there’s that other stuff involving a certain someone that we won’t get into here for selective spoilers’ sake. It’s gonna get real.

If that herd indeed does break into Alexandria as the midseason finale goes on, that means the rest of Season 6 will get mighty hectic, particularly if showrunner Scott Gimple and Robert Kirkman keep this same limited timeline going. Comic fans know that the wall breach means things could get mighty rough for Carl in the future, as well as some other Alexandria citizens. But that news is left for another day. Until then, SOMEBODY HELP EUGENE!

Nick Venable
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