The Walking Dead Finally Revealed Glenn's Fate

Spoiler warning for anyone who hasn’t watched tonight’s The Walking Dead yet. Shame on ya.

Well, everyone. Whether you wanted to know if Glenn was alive or not, “Always Accountable” kicks off by revealing the old “crawled under a dumpster and just waited around until all of the walkers had scattered” trick worked for him. He is alive. He is able to walk around and drink water. And he wants to know if Maggie is okay, dammit, though he’s not so quick to haul ass back to Alexandria. Them streets are dangerous.

Everything happened pretty much as we expected, with Enid helping Glenn out as far as getting liquids in his throat. I can’t imagine how much gross he was breathing in beneath that dumpster, as he probably didn’t inhale through his nose a lot. I hope there was some kind of an aromatic element to that water he drank. Wait, am I still talking about water when GLENN IS ALIVE, PEOPLE!

I’m still not totally on board with how this played out, with all of the secrecy and wishy-washy comments on whether he was alive or not, but I’ve gotten used to dealing with his survival, and I’m back to being happy that he’ll still be around in the future. Can’t honestly say the same thing about Enid, who is just so sassy. She’s kind of a lame downer of a walking partner, but at least her interest in balloons worked out for them in the end. And she allowed Glenn to feel like he’s a psychologist, which probably felt pretty good after watching a dude kill himself and then sleeping under a dumpster.

Unfortunately, Glenn and Enid don't get to make it back into the safe haven, which is currently surrounded by walkers who seem to have developed a fascination for makeshift walls and corrugated tin. They'll need some kind of a good plan in order to get back in, and one that presumably won't involve a rope and all the Cliffhanger talents one can muster. But at least Maggie and the others know that he's alive, so they'll be ready to help him whenever possible. Maybe he and Enid can run in through that giant hole in the wall that's now there. That should make for an exciting cold open next week.

As far as final thoughts go that have nothing to do with Glenn: Morgan seems destined to kill someone soon, possibly against his own will, and it might just be the Wolf that other people know about now. Spencer is a total goon that didn't deserve to survive, and Rick knows it. Eugene carries a piece of wood like a pro. Ron is gonna do something terrible soon. Father Gabriel lived, dammit. Still waiting on confirmation to see who called for help. No sign of Daryl or the Saviors, either. Oh well. We're patient people, obviously.

Expect some major wall-dropping craziness to happen soon, as The Walking Dead will return next Sunday for its midseason finale, with a return to AMC on February 14, 2016. Let us know what you thought about tonight's episode below.

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Nick Venable
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