Spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 5 and the comic series are lurking below.

The greatest aspect of The Walking Dead is that even when it’s at its most boring and psychologically flat, there is always the chance that an unseen threat will rear its head and make surprising mincemeat out of the series’ main characters. Thankfully, Season 5 has started off with a bang and a boom, which means our central cast is facing danger even more swiftly than in years past. Can they possibly all survive until Season 6 begins next year? Not likely.

The death lottery on The Walking Dead is pretty randomly set up, especially when one tries to compare the TV show to the comic book series. But that doesn’t mean some educated guesses are out of the question. With the exceptions of Rick, Daryl and possibly Michonne, no one in this show is free from expendability. Depressing as that sounds, it keeps things interesting, and here are five characters that we think might be biting the bullet (or neck-swallowing the machete or whatever) in Season 5. We’ll start off with the most obvious one.

The Present: Sunday’s episode “Strangers” did not go well for Bob, a character that has up until this point lacked a major character foundation to explain his sardonic and loner lifestyle. He was already looking worse for wear, even when happily talking with Sasha. Then he got kidnapped by the Terminus crew, who wound up eating his leg in front of him. (A subtle bunch, they are.) They haven’t killed him, which could be considered a good thing, but they have him tied up so that he can watch them eat his leg, which is definitely not a good thing.

The Future: There’s something about the casual way that Terminus leader Gareth talks to Bob, mentioning cosmic justice, that makes it seem likely these two are connected in some way. We know nothing about either of their pasts, so that would at least add some context to Bob’s death. Because yeah, Bob is going to die, people. Sure, there’s a chance he’ll get saved by the gang before his entire body is consumed by Terminus, but if this plays out anything like a similar arc for another character in the comics, Bob was already a dead man walking even before Gareth’s crew got to him. Wondering why he was sobbing to himself by that tree? It’s probably because he got bitten at some point earlier in the episode, possibly during that food bank sequence. Either way it goes, I’ll be surprised if Bob makes it to the fourth episode.

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