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We’re getting ever closer to the midseason premiere of The Walking Dead's Season 5. AMC has just released the first promo art for the second half of this amped-up season, and while there isn’t a great deal of information given to us, it does certainly start raising some questions.

Be warned, there are some spoilers ahead. So if you're not caught up with every episode yet, you might find a few surprises coming up. Also, why haven't you caught up with all the episodes yet?!?

The Walking Dead
Will They Keep Traveling With Eugene?
It isn’t particularly clear in the promo picture if Eugene is with the group. While a few people are clearly visible like Rick, Daryl, Abraham, Tyrese, and Michonne, the rest of the group is a bit murky. Maggie and Rosita didn’t let Abraham hurt Eugene back on the road - beyond putting him in that coma and all - and Tara has seemed to have developed a bit of a soft spot for Eugene. Still, Abraham is pretty enraged over Eugene’s betrayal. Of course, the final call could be up to Rick, not Abraham. While it doesn’t seem like old Rick will just kick someone to the curb for lying to survive, the Rick we see nowadays doesn’t really stand for a lot of tomfoolery. Saying you have a cure to the infection and causing many people to lay down their lives for your safety is quite a lot of red in Eugene’s ledger. I’m not sure if Rick will be willing to welcome him back into the group.

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