ABC’s 666 Park Avenue may have been cancelled fairly early in to its run, but series lead Dave Annable isn’t sweating the cancellation too much. The actor is jumping the drama ship and has signed on for a new comedy pilot over at NBC called Joe, Joe and Jane.

Written by New Girl producers Joe Port and Joe Wiseman, the new comedy project will be sort-of autobiographical—at least, the dudes seem hellbent on keeping the “Joe” theme intact. It will follow a children’s book author named Joe Waxman who is constantly forced to emotional support and his wife, Jane, as well as his writer partner, Joe Dougan. Annable has signed on to play a Joe, as you may have already assumed, but he won’t play the lead Joe.

Instead, Annable will play the needy writing partner and best bud Joe in NBC’s multicamera comedy. According to THR, despite the fact Joe Dougan needs plenty of support from Joe Port, he’s actually an attractive dude who has no trouble with the ladies. Joe, Joe and Jane is being described as a comedy about a “trouple” which sounds like trouble from the get-go.

Personally, I hate the title of this pilot and I’m already completely tired of talking about multiple Joes, and I only had to do this for a few paragraphs. However, this concept might be more humorous when it is played out onscreen and not typed up on paper. We’ll let you know if Joe, Joe and Jane moves forward at NBC.

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