Every year, networks and streaming services throw out a bunch of brand new dramas and comedies. Some of those show end up getting cancelled early, but some of them end up earning full season orders and, with a little luck, a second season on the network or cable station that birthed them. Here at Cinema Blend, we know it can be tough to wade through all of the new stuff to determine what is and what is not worth your time. So, we did some sleuthing, combing through the Season 1 shows that have hit the schedule during the 2014-2015 season and put together a list of the 8 we feel you need to check out most. So, give ‘em a watch—you may be pleasantly surprised.

Agent Carter
Agent Carter
Running at only 8 episodes, Agent Carter is one of the shorter dramas on the list, but if you’re a fan of any of Marvel’s movies, Agent Carter is a must-watch. The smart and savvy series gives lead Hayley Atwell a chance to move forward without Captain America in her life, although the ABC drama has worked to tie with Marvel’s Cinematic Universe in other ways. If you’ve missed the first few episodes, you can currently catch it On Demand or on Hulu. An even bigger bonus? It’s not a huge overall time commitment.

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