Television is filled with shows that can boast heroes who are both morally sound and worth investing in. Other shows happen to have bad guys who are just much more fun to root for than the good guys. They can range from black-hearted evildoers to antiheroes to criminals with hearts of gold. The bad guys can be so fascinating, frightening, and/or funny that the good guys pale in comparison. There’s really no shame in wishing for the antagonists to get the big wins on a series. Who needs the straight and narrow road when there’s a path of twisted morals and murky motivation? To pay tribute to the villains who bring the very best entertainment, check out our list of 8 current TV shows that make us root for the bad guy.

The Punisher
Season 2 of Daredevil introduced a new antihero in Frank Castle, also known as the Punisher. Castle entered the vigilante scene with a much more lethal stance on how to stop criminals than Matt Murdock as Daredevil. He favored a sniper rifle for his killing, but he wasn’t averse to improvising and beating folks to death with whatever happened to be handy. Castle was such a compelling character that it was hard not to see his point and be pretty okay with his attitude toward killing the worst of the worst. The Punisher did do a few too many bad things to be called a good guy, but at least he does his bad things to even badder guys, and he does have a pretty tragic backstory. Who can really argue that “One batch, two batch, penny and dime” wasn’t the best line of all in Season 2?

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