House Of Cards Season 3: Check Out Frank Underwood's Huge Jet

By the time this month has finished, a good portion of Netflix’s subscriber base will have already holed up and binge-watched the entirety of House of Cards Season 3, in which we’ll get to see Kevin Spacey’s calculating Frank Underwood really embrace his newfound position as President of the United States. To mark the impending premiere, Netflix released the poster below, welcoming the new leader and First Lady to our living rooms.


Perhaps it’s telling that no one is standing around waiting to greet them as they exit Air Force One, since Frank and Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) have built and destroyed a lot of bridges on their way to the pinnacle of the American political system. One would think the rest of the nation’s capital would more be on edge with the Underwoods now ruling the roost, but neither one of them look happy about it either. They’re arguably the most important and well-respected members of the free world, but they’re downright morose. No doubt because they feel the targets now placed on their heads after years of D.C. wrangling.

Netflix also put out a “motion poster” that’s really just a short, silent video of stylish plane-exiting.

Season 2 of House of Cards left almost everyone on uneven footing when it ended. Frank is President, but at what cost? Could this entire third season go by without the resigned former President Walker not figuring out what landed him outside the White House? No doubt there will be an assembly line of new problems for Frank and Claire to deal with, but the ghosts of their respective pasts almost have to haunt them to keep the characters balanced.

Speaking of ghosts, Chief of Staff Doug’s storyline took a deadly turn when his sex worker pet project Rachel killed him with a rock. An investigation into his death will probably happen, and I have to wonder how involved Frank will get. The pieces are in place for a blistering Season 3, which could put it back in the running for Outstanding Drama at the Emmys later this year. Check out the previously released trailer below.

Netflix will premiere House of Cards Season 3 in its entirety on Friday, February 27. Might we be hearing about a Season 4 renewal in the next few weeks? Frank Underwood will never tell.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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