There’s really an endless number of things to love about Community, from its wildly inventive, pop culture-referencing storylines to its fantastic dialogue and witty catchphrases, but one can make the argument that what truly makes Dan Harmon’s show so brilliant is its characters. Greendale Community College is home to some of the biggest weirdos and oddballs to ever find themselves on television, and that includes both the diverse student body as well as the faculty and staff. And today we’re going to celebrate them.

With Community airing the first two episodes of its sixth season earlier this week on Yahoo TV, we decided that this was the perfect time to look back at the many weird and wild personalities we’ve met on the show and rank our favorites – including both the leads as well as series regulars. Who made it on to the list? Read on to find out!

20. Alan Connor
Rob Corddry’s Alan Connor may be the slimiest of slimy assholes, but Community fans do owe his character an honest bit of gratitude. After all, it was he who was responsible not once but twice for driving Jeff Winger towards Greendale – first exposing Jeff’s fake law degree, and then getting Jeff to return after graduation to try and sue the school. Even beyond that, though, he’s one of the show’s better principal antagonists, and both his cockiness and personal failures are great comedic material. There’s a part of me that hopes he will someday find himself as a part of the GCC student body.

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