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Family Guy Countdown Site Hinting At A Certain Character's Return Is A Hoax

Since the demise of a certain Family Guy character this weekend — and that’s as vague as we can be at this point, so if you’re trying to not be spoiled somehow, stop reading! — fans have speculated over whether Brian would return at some point. Yesterday was the day to grieve. Today is apparently the day to speculate, theorize and predict his return. That includes many fans hoping that the countdown website that surfaced this week for “Brian’s Announcement” was a major hint that the furry Griffin dog would be back soon. Unfortunately, that website is apparently a hoax.

There’s a website called, which includes a countdown currently showing nine days and 20-something hours until a “special announcement from Brian.” The background shows the “You are now entering Quahog, Rhode Island” sign and links to the Family Guy Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter, lest there be any confusion over what the site is in reference to. The countdown likely gave many hope that Brian’s return might be coming and soon. However, Deadline reports that producers confirm that this “special announcement” website is a hoax and not created by anyone connected to the show, studio or network. I can’t imagine why they’d do a teasy countdown and then deny making it, so we’ll take them at their word there.

Does that mean Brian won’t return? As a casual viewer of Family Guy, I think he’ll be back eventually, but one of the things I sort of love about FG is how they sometimes play a joke a beat too long. It’s also kind of an unpredictable show like that. Sometimes you think you know the punchline and then “You’re eating hair!” So, who knows? If I were a betting woman, I’d put money down on Brian returning next week or else far into the future, about five minutes after people actually start giving up hope. Whenever that is. It could be never.

In the meantime, what’s not a hoax is this petition requesting Brian’s return. Whether or not that has any effect on the writers' willingness to bring him back, who knows? In the meantime, new dog Vinny is here to stay, at least for now. Deadline says Tony Sirico (The Sopranos) has been tapped for at least six episodes of Family Guy, “possibly more.” Of course, just because Vinny is sticking around doesn’t mean Brian can’t come back. Stewie could very well get his time machine re-built, or maybe he’ll find a way to clone Brian. Or Brian could be reincarnated as another dog. It worked for Buck Bundy. Kind of. I don’t think we ever stopped missing original-Buck. At the very least, we know the guy voicing Brian is still available, as I doubt Seth MacFarlane will be abandoning the series anytime soon. Either that, or we need to start worrying about the fate of a number of other characters, Peter and Stewie included.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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