Having worked in the TV industry for years, I’m certainly aware that game show clips go viral on a frequent basis. Among the most fun of all of these clips are viral moments from the new version of Family Feud, hosted by Steve Harvey. Family Feud has long been a show that has been filled with risqué and sometimes downright wild answers, and today we’ve compiled a bunch of the best moments for your viewing pleasure. They’re loud, they’re crude… they’re from Family Feud. Check ‘em out, below.

That Time Men Revealed The Horrible Things They’d Do For Sex
In one round from three years ago, 100 men were asked what they would do for sex. And while women guessed cutesy things like cooking or cleaning, the answers from the men were a whole lot more unwholesome. Steve Harvey saw it coming a mile away, though, and preached the truth to the ladies in the family. My favorite part? When someone guesses me would “kill” for sex as an answer. Yeah, it’s on the board.

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