9 Great Steve Harvey Family Feud Clips

Having worked in the TV industry for years, I’m certainly aware that game show clips go viral on a frequent basis. Among the most fun of all of these clips are viral moments from the new version of Family Feud, hosted by Steve Harvey. Family Feud has long been a show that has been filled with risqué and sometimes downright wild answers, and today we’ve compiled a bunch of the best moments for your viewing pleasure. They’re loud, they’re crude… they’re from Family Feud. Check ‘em out, below.

That Time Men Revealed The Horrible Things They’d Do For Sex

In one round from three years ago, 100 men were asked what they would do for sex. And while women guessed cutesy things like cooking or cleaning, the answers from the men were a whole lot more unwholesome. Steve Harvey saw it coming a mile away, though, and preached the truth to the ladies in the family. My favorite part? When someone guesses me would “kill” for sex as an answer. Yeah, it’s on the board.

That Time Steve Harvey Chastised A Contestant For A Right Answer

This clip’s great, as the contestant is so abashed when he answers “a joint” in regards to something that gets passed around. It’s even better because Harvey typically gives spot-on predictions. He says not enough people would have guessed an illegal drug as something that gets passed, but man, he was wrong. Humorously, the other contestant guesses “church plate” and loses to the guy who said “joint.”

That Time The Contestant Gave Steve Harvey’s Favorite Answer

The “Fast Money” round is a rough part of the game. Contestants must be fast and they must also be able to churn out the most popular answers--not just any answers--if they have any chance at winning. Flustered and running out of time, this contestant answered “gynecologist” in relation to someone who has a dirty job. Let the giggles ensue; Steve Harvey certainly did.

That Time A Contestant Crushed Fast Money Like A Boss

Remember when I just stated the “Fast Money” round on Family Feud is super difficult to beat? Well, this dude acts like it’s the easiest thing in the world to accomplish, racking up 175 points during his turn (his answers are pretty good too). Steve Harvey even notes that this is the most impressive “Fast Money” round he’s ever seen. This guy’s pretty humble about how well he did, too, making the video even better to watch.

That Time The Old White Dude Kept Cracking Up When Saying ‘Vagina’

Steve Harvey is a man who is known for making faces when contestants have both good or bad answers, but there’s nothing more priceless than the face Harvey makes when an old white dude gets uncomfortable talking about female anatomy. In this video a dude tries to explain a vagina before feebly blurting out the word vagina, all while nervously laughing. The exchange is just so awkward. Truly. But you gotta watch it to catch Steve Harvey’s tremendous face.

That Time A Woman Insulted Her Husband’s Penis

During this memorable round, two contestants were asked the most common answer related to women who would like to change one of their partner’s body parts. One women is quick to buzz in but then literally can’t think of a body part. She loses the round, but it gets worse. After losing the round, she accidentally blurts out that she would change her husband’s penis. Classic Family Feud.

That Time A Man Talked About Where He Put His Finger Last

This isn’t a Little Jack Horner episode of Family Feud. In this recent moment from the hit game show, a contestant, Kevin, is given a relatively simple question when host Steve Harvey asks where he put his finger last. Let’s just say the answer is not in “a plum.” Let’s also just say that his wife is not happy with the answer he shares with the studio audience and everyone watching at home, although she does manage to laugh it off. It’s a must-watch.

That Time A Woman Called Dracula A Good Sucker

Alright, so this is a weird question to begin with. Steve Harvey asks contestants to relay “good” things about Dracula. One woman answers that he “loves women,” which seems reasonable. The other then blurts out that he’s a “good sucker.” Steve Harvey puts his hands on his hips and stares her down, making her feel even weirder until she apologizes. I’ve never seen a contestant squirm quite like that. Obviously, it’s not on the board. Even more obviously, this clip should stand the test of time.

That Family With All The Wild Pork Answers

There aren’t a ton of words that follow the word “pork,” but there’s apparently enough for an entire round of Family Feud. The first woman wins when she says pork loin, although her wild accent makes it sound like she’s saying “pork lawn” for several seconds. Her family member however, is tasked with the same question and answers “pork-upine” as if he believes it is plausible. I actually think I watched this episode live, and to this day I’m still incredulous about what happened. It’s a keeper.

Look, there’s a lot of great Family Feud moments out in the universe. There were plenty before Steve Harvey came along and plenty that should come along after Steve Harvey retires. Be sure to let us know if we missed some of your favorites. But don’t be too mad if we did. If we had gotten in all the ones we really wanted to include, this list would have been 30 pages long.

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