Watch This Family Feud Contestant Ruin Her Marriage With One Answer

Appearing on Family Feud is supposed to be fun. It’s supposed to be a bonding experience for the family with a worst case scenario involving a few laughs, a couple of bad answers and a loss. Unfortunately, things went a lot worse for the poor guy in this video who watched his wife rip on his manhood in front of millions.

Here’s the thing. If someone asks you for a body part of your husband’s to replace, penis is not the worst answer in the world. After stomach, hair and about five others, I could totally see flashing the dick card and seeing if that made the top seven. It's all about winning, right? The problem here is how quickly she blurted it out. It was clearly the first thing that insta-popped into her head, which is embarrassing for her husband and his really, really happy tie. Too bad the immortal Richard Dawson wasn’t around to see it. He lived for that kind of thing.

Serious respect goes out to the husband, Pete, for how well he takes this. You can tell by the color of his face that he’s pretty embarrassed. A majority of people would in that situation, but instead of choking his wife or blurting out something inappropriate or storming off, he puts on a fake smile and takes it down like a champ. That being said, I’m pretty confident he probably brought his unhappiness to her attention when the filming ended.

Fortunately, people tend to forget these things pretty quickly. There’s always someone new around the corner with a really dumb or overtly sexual answer…

I have no idea if this dude is going to be able to brush this off or if he’s going to spend the rest of his sexual life thinking “I wonder if my penis is good enough” whenever he and his wife fool around. For his sake, I sincerely hope it’s the former approach. He’s too old and should be too settled to have to worry about something sexual-related that he can’t possibly change.

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