Watch This Family Feud Contestant Explain Where He Put His Finger Last

ABC’s Family Feud is a fun way to spend a day at home on the couch. It’s easy to play along, entertaining to watch the contestants guess, and just plain fun to think of all of the inappropriate answers that would be given if the Feud were not a daytime game show with “family” in the title. Every once in a while, however, a contestant forgoes his filter and makes a guess that is a bit raunchier than usual. One such contestant was Kevin, who recently gave an answer to the question of what he last put a finger in that rendered host Steve Harvey temporarily speechless. Check it out!

Steve Harvey deserves a prize for his recovery after contestant Kevin's answer alone. During the episode, the category is "Things you can stick your finger into." Kevin's answer? His wife. Once Harvey's brain caught up to confirm that Kevin did in fact name his wife in response to the particular question, Harvey turned what could have easily become an R-rated situation back into a G-rated scenario. The adults could laugh while the kids could obliviously enjoy the game. Steve Harvey pulled off the daytime game show equivalent of a 90s Disney movie.

Kevin’s wife Ryan deserves a prize, as well. Clearly almost as surprised as Steve Harvey, Ryan nevertheless laughed almost as hard as any of the others. Good news for Kevin, who might have had some serious explaining to do after the show, otherwise. He married the right woman if he can get away with that.

Still, Kevin is the real hero of the video. Despite a clear internal debate, Kevin just decides to go with his first instinct. Not being little Jack Horner, he apparently does not frequently thumb pies, and “ear” and “nose” had already been guessed. There was no shame or even much hesitancy as he looked right at Steve Harvey and grinned through his answer. There are few things more entertaining than watching professional television personalities crack up on screen, whether it’s on Saturday Night Live or the local news or a game show, and Steve Harvey breaking on Family Feud is too funny not to want to watch a few extra times. Bravo, Kevin.

Of course, the fun didn’t stop with Kevin’s first response. Steve Harvey’s difficulty in looking Ryan in the eye and getting through his sentence as he asked for the wife's response into was tickling enough on its own, but overcoming his giggles enough to look pointedly at Kevin guarantees that this clip will not soon be forgotten. Although Steve Harvey has been hosting Family Feud since 2010; to have earned given one of Harvey’s favorite answers ever is no small accomplishment. Fortunately - or unfortunately, depending on how the family felt after the adrenaline wore off – the response will live on forever online.

Laura Hurley
Senior Content Producer

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