Watch This Old Dude Crack Up While Saying Vagina On Family Feud

The act of being on TV in front of an audience is a nerve-wracking thing for someone that isn’t used to it. And when that person is put in the spotlight where they’re forced to say the first thing that comes to mind, everything gets even more troublesome. And that’s why we love Family Feud so much. Watch the video below with only the knowledge that one guy is uncomfortable saying “vagina,” and your day will be made.

One of the reasons why Family Feud is so great is that something like this can happen in its entirety without it interrupting the flow of the game, nor cutting any of the actual gameplay out. You just wouldn’t see Alex Trebek allowed to go off on a little improv riff after a contestant gives a salacious answer. But Steve Harvey has no problem taking things to their PG-rated extremes.

Honestly, how was this guy not supposed to say vagina, given all of the answers that were already given? (The fact that the number one answer is worded “Knockers/Nipples” almost comes off as more immature.) The round might have gone a little differently had he just said “vagina” with an above-average level of confidence, but because he starts off by calling it “the lower front,” it’s just too much for Harvey and everyone else to handle. I wouldn’t mind having this guy in my family, even though everybody else seemed like they were just a tad ashamed by his guess.

Really, I would have been fine with this being a double-length episode where the entire middle was just Steve Harvey coming up with otherwise innocent euphemisms for the vagina. “Down there! Where the deer! And the antelope lay!” was my favorite, but they were all damned amusing. I don’t even know what “Down there by Homeland Security” means. Is the lower back supposed to be Homeland Security? Is it cool if I call it Donald Rumpsfeld?

I would have bet good money on that particular body part getting a proper place in what the survey said, too. I mean, what 100 people were polled where less than a small handful of people said “vagina?” Seriously, “Her Creamy Caboose” was on there, with 13 people having said it. Who the fuck calls anything that? But was vagina on the list? Nope.


We’re hoping that there will one day be an entire network dedicated to just airing Family Feud answers that involved gross propositions from otherwise normal people.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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