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I’m thinking that being funny and vocally gifted are likely to be the two main traits when laying out the criteria for casting the guy who will play Andy Bernard’s brother on The Office. As Josh Groban has proven to be both, he definitely sounds like a good fit for the job.

According to Deadline, singer Josh Groban has been locked down to play the brother Ed Helm’s character Andy Bernard, stating that, “This is the latest member of the Bernard clan to be cast as the network just cast Stephen Collins and Dee Wallace as Andy's parents.”

Andy Bernard is well known for being a proud member of “Here Comes Treble,” an a cappella group with some of his college pals from Cornell (you may have heard of Cornell). Andy with a brother with pipes as good as Josh Groban is just a recipe for something musically delicious. I'm envisioning Groban being the more successful (musically or otherwise) Bernard kid, with Andy feeling outshined and uncomfortable. Then again, this may just be wishful thinking on my part. An uncomfortable, tense looking Andy Bernard is my favorite kind of Ed Helms.

Groban’s not only a great singer, but he also has some experience with being funny. Deadline posted the clip of Groban singing the Top Ten list on Letterman and references his recent role in the film Crazy, Stupid, Love. When I thought of Groban’s funnier moments, two TV appearances came to mind. Here they are: