ABC has a new project in development produced by Ryan Reynolds. Between Park & Lex is an hourlong dramedy that focuses on a mother-daughter team of amateur investigators. Sort of what Nancy Drew might have been had she lived with her mother instead of her father, and had her mother been as interested in sticking her nose in other people’s business as was Nancy herself.

The project is written by Maria Maggenti, who has written for 90210 and Without a Trace and along with Reynolds has ABC studios and DarkFire TV producing, according to Deadline. The story takes place in New York City, and features a mother and daughter who take on sleuthing activities in their spare time while holding down day jobs. No doubt those jobs are going to be something impressive and the duo will be both intelligent and attractive, in typical television fashion, but will still manage to get themselves into situations no intelligent person would walk into. The project is said to look at the humorous side of the mother-daughter relationship through the investigations they pursue together to solve crimes.

The project is described as a dramedy, which is always an interesting choice of words for a new show in development. Living up to being both a drama and a comedy is a difficult thing to balance, and not every show can do it successfully. There have been few shows that truly live up to that title without stretching credulity. Since this one is just entering development, we’ll have to wait to judge how it manages the toe that line.

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