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Fox is looking to sign on for a technological thriller. The thriller is Reamde, a project based on a 2011 novel by popular writer Neal Stephenson. To bring the title to the small screen, About a Boy co-writers and directors Chris and Paul Weitz have brought the project to Fox, which is good news, since reworking a novel for an onscreen medium can be a beast, and the two men certainly have knowledge in that department.

According to Deadline, Chris Weitz will write and direct the novel adaptation, which means the Reamde project is likely a little more his baby than Paul Weitz’s. Paul, however, is set to executive produce the endeavor, which follows a kidnapping and then a hostage situation. Additionally, Andrew Miano will also executive produce Reamde.

Honestly, Reamde is a pretty complicated novel, so there should be plenty of stuff to bring to the small screen. The title is the name of a techno virus that pops up in a virtual world system called T'Rain that ends up having all kinds of consequences. What ensues is a kidnapping, a fight for gold, and plenty of action sequences. Of course, the Russian mob somehow finds itself involved, as well. I recognize that this brief plot summary probably leaves more questions than answers, but the action adventure plotline of the present-day drama shouldn’t be too hard to invest in should it make it to the small screen. On that note, we’ll let you know if Fox moves forward into the pilot stage with Reamde.
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