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Is Alec Baldwin late-night bound? That's the current rumor. The 30 Rock star is reportedly in early talks to host his own show on NBC. Word is that he'd take over the 1:35 a.m. spot, which is currently home to the half-hour interview show, Last Call with Carson Daly.

NY Times posted the story, stating that NBC is in the midst of what could be a major overhaul of its late-night slate. A change-ups shouldn't be a huge surprise, since it's already been confirmed that Jimmy Fallon will be taking over for Jay Leno on The Tonight Show as of next year. The shift will leave the Late Night space open, but it sounds like NBC is making more changes beyond simply hiring someone to take over for Fallon. The site says Baldwin is in talks for his own show, which would most likely be set up where Carson Daly's current series, Last Call airs.

Most people probably associate Baldwin best for his acting work, which in recent years, included a lead in NBC's comedy series 30 Rock, but - as the Times points out - he also hosts a podcast called "Here's the Thing," which has him interviewing celebrities. The Times suggests that a TV show that works similarly to his podcast - which has Baldwin conducting interviews in different locations, like the star's apartment - would allow some flexibility to Baldwin's schedule, if he were to record several interviews in a single day.

Between his experience in comedy and the podcast, Baldwin's not entirely unqualified for a gig like this. Plus, he's Alec Baldwin, which doesn't hurt when it comes to adding pre-packaged appeal to the potential series. Deadline points out that Baldwin has a two-year overall deal with NBC, and this may be how NBC's looking to make use of that.

Would Alec Baldwin make a good late night host?