The Amazing Race Season 20 Preview: Contestants Include Big Brother's Brendon And Rachel

CBS has revealed the teams for the next new season of The Amazing Race, as well as information on some of the places they contestants are set to visit as the series gets going on its twentieth season. Fans of Big Brother are likely to recognize two of the contestants set to compete this season.

If past seasons of Big Brother are any indication, we should probably be prepared for pouting, bickering, drama and some serious competitive spirit from at least one couple set to compete in Season 20 of The Amazing Race. Brendon and Rachel were featured in not one but two seasons of CBS‘ reality competition series. They’re still engaged and likely still just as determined to win as they were in Seasons 12 and 13 of BB. Rachel went on to win the grand prize of $500k in Big Brother. Will she and Brendon be able to best the other teams set to compete in Season 20 of The Amazing Race? My guess is that they'll at least make it further than Jeff and Jordan did in Season 16. Take a look at the video and list below and get started speculating!

Dave Brown Jr.Age: 33Hometown: Madison, Wis.Current occupation: U.S. Army OfficerRachel BrownAge: 30Hometown: Madison, Wis.Current occupation: Project ManagerConnection to Teammate: MarriedWilliam “Bopper” MintonAge: 41Hometown: Manchester, KY.Current occupation: Motorcycle MechanicMark JacksonAge: 45Hometown: Manchester, Ky.Current Occupation: Former State InspectorConnection to Teammate: Best FriendsNary EbeidAge: 32Hometown: Los AngelesCurrent occupation: Federal AgentJamie GraetzAge: 33Hometown: Los AngelesCurrent occupation: Federal AgentConnection to Teammate: Federal Agents/FriendsBrendon VillegasAge: 31Hometown: Westwood, Calif.Current occupation: PhD StudentRachel ReillyAge: 27Hometown: Westwood, Calif.Current occupation: Event HostessConnection to Teammate: EngagedJoey “Fitness” LasallaAge: 29Hometown: Whitestone, N.Y.Current occupation: Trainer/SupplementCompany OwnerDanny HoralAge: 27Hometown: Holbrook, N.Y.Current occupation: Nightclub PromoterConnection to Teammate: FriendsMisa TanakaAge: 27Hometown: San DiegoCurrent occupation: Car BuyerMaiya TanakaAge: 25Hometown: San DiegoCurrent occupation: Professional GolferConnection to Teammate: SistersDave GreggAge: 44Hometown: New Port Richey, Fla.Current occupation: “Ambassador of Laughter”Cherie GreggAge: 44Hometown: New Port Richey, Fla.Current occupation: “Ambassador of Laughter”Connection to Teammate: Married ClownsElliot WeberAge: 28Hometown: Scottsdale, Ariz.Current occupation: MusicianAndrew WeberAge: 28Hometown: Menlo Park, Calif.Current occupation: Professional Soccer PlayerConnection to Teammate: TwinsKerri PaulAge: 30Hometown: Gulfport, Miss.Current occupation: Program CoordinatorStacy BowersAge: 30Hometown: Gulfport, Miss.Current occupation: Self Employed / “Basketball” WifeConnection to Teammate: CousinsVanessa MaciasAge: 31Hometown: San Antonio, TexasCurrent occupation: Freelance WriterRalph KelleyAge: 36Hometown: San Antonio, TexasCurrent occupation: Bar OwnerConnection to Teammate: Dating DivorceesArt VelezAge: 43Hometown: Temecula, Calif.Current occupation: Border Patrol AgentJ.J. CarrellAge: 42Hometown: Carlsbad, Calif.Current occupation: Border Patrol AgentConnection to Teammate: Border Patrol Agents/Friends

CBS’ announcement states that the teams will be visiting Paraguay and Azerbaijan for the first time this season. Viewers should also expect to see skydiving in Argentina, training with Masai warriors in Tanzania, racing through Africa’s “Garden of Eden” and some food-related challenges in Italy.

The 20th season of The Amazing Race premieres Sunday, February 19 on the CBS Television Network.

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