American Horror Story: Hotel Just Revealed The Ten Commandments Killer

Spoilers for tonight’s episode of American Horror Story: Hotel are hidden behind a secret door below.

For most of American Horror Story: Hotel, we’ve watched Wes Bentley walk around like a man who breathed alcohol fumes instead of oxygen. (I mean, his aura glows jet black, so there's that.) And it turns out it’s all because Mr. March turned him into a killer. And not just any killer. The Ten Commandments Killer. You know, the criminal he’s been chasing for the past seven episodes. It was him all along.

I’ll pause so you can slap your foreheads in a slightly bored manner. I mean, we sort of expected this would be the case for a while now. But still, evidence!


Tonight’s episode, which was actually called “The Ten Commandments Killer,” was a rather confusing affair, jumping around timelines and conversations with reckless abandon. We had Mr. March in the role of Exposition Deliverer, and we watched him turning John into his successor in the serial killer game many years previous. Apparently John Wayne Gacy and Jeffrey Dahmer, who appeared in the Halloween episode, were March's former protégés, but somehow John was the one who was able to pull it off. For now, anyway.

Then we had present-day John talking to his sorta-former partner Detective Hahn, who was understandably incredulous as John was trying to confess his own sins, which were mostly committed during blackout moments that should have caused him to go to a psychiatrist way earlier. These scenes allowed us to watch John committing many of the super-gruesome Ten Commandment murders - including the one with the tongue and the eyes - as well as attempting suicide via bathroom hanging, which was a total no-no.

But Hahn won't be able to tell anyone, as he became John's latest victim for adultery. I can't imagine John will be allowed back on the force anytime soon. They probably had cameras in there, right?

In any case, now John knows his own secret true story, and he knows what kind of connection he has to the Hotel Cortez, and it doesn't bother him one bit. It's not clear if he was able to hear how Sally's connection to March involves him protecting her from the Addiction Demon, or if that will affect their relationship at all. (It probably will.) As well, we can't wait to see how John's new realization plays into the Countess' story; will he try to kill her over the 11th Commandment: Thou Shall Not Have Monster Children Hiding In Room 33? Actually, we're pretty much unsure of how anything will play out in future episodes, as is par for the course with this show.

American Horror Story: Hotel has two more episodes - airing Wednesdays on FX - before it goes on midseason hiatus. Now everyone go off and practice your best Mr. March impression.

Nick Venable
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