The word went out earlier today that American Idol has confirmed their new judges panel for the upcoming twelfth season. Not a moment too soon, as taped auditions started today in New York. Shortly after the announcement, Idol released the first look at the new panel in their judge’s seats.

The positions at the judges table have Mariah Carey first in line to offer her thoughts on each performance. She’ll be followed by the two just-announced new judges. Keith Urban will sit next to Carey, followed by Nicki Minaj. Randy Jackson, previously rumored to be considering leaving the show, is in his usual position at the end of the line, meaning he will get the last word. That’s only fair since he’s the only remaining original Idol judge. I can't say that everyone is looking particularly comfortable in the photo Fox released, following the announcement about the judges made earlier today; certainly it's an interesting mix of personalities and musical backgrounds.

The newly announced completed panel of four – up one from last season – is of course joined by Ryan Seacrest, who was actually the first of the team to be confirmed for the new season.

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