If you were hoping Jermaine Jones would be Season 11’s American Idol, there’s bad news. It’s being reported that the singer, dubbed the “gentle giant” by Ryan Seacrest, is being disqualified from the Fox singing competition over some issues in his past that he may not have been entirely upfront about.

It’s disappointing when this happens, but scandal and controversy do seem to grab people’s attention, which may be why Idol doesn’t exactly shy away from it. TMZ reported that Jermaine Jones will kicked off of American Idol tonight due to producers discovering he concealed a criminal history. While the site doesn’t specify what that entails, they do say their sources say one of the incidents involved violence, “which was particularly troublesome to producers.”

The Hollywood Reporter discussed the recent controversy and theorizes that producers may have planned for Jones’ exit to play out like this, which could explain the random twist of the additional contestant to the Top 24, and later, the Top 13, instead of Top 12. Regardless of whether that’s the case, it will be interesting to see how the situation is handled tonight. THR says it’s believed that Jones will say goodbye on tonight’s episode.

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