The success of Pitch Perfect has one famous production company thinking that a cappella might be the wave of the future, at least when it comes to reality television. Entertainment 19, which produces American Idol, has signed a deal with Varsity Vocals, an organization that represents a cappella groups at the college level.

Signing on a partnership is only the first step toward a potential series, but hopefully for fans, it’ll prove to be one big step. According to Deadline, Varsity Vocals president Amanda Newman announced the partnership at the ICCA International finals on Saturday. A potential series would follow the students and competitors involved in a cappella events.

If Entertainment 19 does bring an a cappella project to series, it would not be the first. NBC has had some success with The Sing-Off. Although the series was not picked up by the network after Season 3, it will now be returning for a fourth season thanks to the success of Pitch Perfect. New episodes of The Sing- Off will return this holiday season, and if Entertainment 19 gets its act together quickly enough, the production company could have a competing a cappella-based series.

We’ll keep you updated if this partnership moves forward into a more concrete project. Until then, keep your fingers crossed and your vocal instruments tuned, at least if you’re regularly involved in a capella competitions. There’s no telling how long a capella might be popular. Better to get in on the wave as it’s rising then wait for too long and risk losing the chance to ride a capella to television stardom.

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