Tonight's episode of American Idol is especially exciting because the results are probably far less predictable than in some of the other seasons. While I'll admit that I wouldn't have predicted Jessica was going to make it this far, the girl has raised her game substantially in recent weeks. Joshua and Phillip are both strong performers too, so it's really anyone's game tonight. Will it be we be seeing one guy and one girl in the finale? Or will this be another season with two guys making it to the finals?

With only three contestants remaining, there is no Bottom 3, nor a list of contestants to be sent off to safety. One person is eliminated and the other two will move on to the grand finale. But first, filler included a mellow performance by Lisa Marie Presley. And Idol runner-up Adam Lambert returned to the stage to show off his vocals and pick things up a bit with colorful (literally) performance, complete with logs of flashing light and a giant eye on the screen behind him.

The episode offered the usual recap of performances, complete with Jimmy Iovine's interesting commentary. I really hope we see him back next season, preferably at the judges table so we can get some of his opinions during performance night. Put that on my Season 12 wish-list.

The episode also took a minute to address the unfortunate passing of Donna Summer. I'm not much of a disco fan, but if I had to pick some of my favorite disco songs, most of them would probably be hers (especially "Last Dance" and "On the Radio").

Tonight's about the results, though. Who's in the final and who's going home? After 90 million votes...

Jessica Sanchez is going to the finale! And who's going head to head against Jessica? Phillip Phillips! Joshua Ledet is eliminated. It's unfortunate as he's truly talented and pulled off some really great performances, but it's hard to feel especially disappointed considering Phillip and Jessica have also been performing well. It should be interesting to see what the two of them bring to the table next week and how America votes.




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