American Idol's Ruben Studdard Signs On For The Biggest Loser In Season 15

NBC’s long-running weight loss competition series, The Biggest Loser, has been on the air for a long time and has lost viewers in recent seasons. However, with a little luck and a celebrity name, perhaps Season 15 could be the most exciting season, yet. American Idol Season 2 winner Ruben Studdard has signed on to The Biggest Loser to try his hand at tackling weight loss once and for all.

People first reported the news, noting that Studdard will appear on the upcoming season of the hit series. This wouldn’t be the first time a celebrity has appeared on the program. Notably Rulon Gardner, a former Olympic Gold Medalist in wrestling, and Antone Davis, a former pro football player, have also had runs in front of the camera.

If Studdard does manage to lose a significant amount of weight as part of The Biggest Loser, it won’t be the first time the man has managed to drop some pounds. He first went on a diet and exercise regimen all the way back in 2006. After that effort failed, the man managed to drop 70 lbs. by becoming a vegetarian that same year. His American Idol co-stars and mentors have always been rooting for the 35-year-old through his weight loss trials and tribulations.

While he managed to keep the weight off for a while during his marriage to Surata Zuri McCants, the couple divorced last year, and Studdard found his weight ballooning, once more. Though the man currently says he has been pretty healthy, he also says he knows that if he maintains a 455 lb. frame there will likely be trouble down the road.

"I've never had an issue with my weight. [But] my family has a history of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart-related issues – things I didn't have to deal with yet because I'm young. But I don't want to be worried at 40, and if I don't fix things now, I will be.”

I think the biggest trap that a lot of people fall into is fixing problems after they have them rather than being pro-active and taking steps to fix behaviors so that problems never occur in the first place. The same logic can be applied to routine maintenance on a car and updating your computer right away when new firmware becomes available. Luckily, Studdard is only 35, and if he loses a significant amount of weight, now, he should be able to get to a size that is both healthy and comfortable for him. Who knows, maybe he’ll even claim the title of “The Biggest Loser.” Maybe all he needs is a little motivation and a lot of Jillian Michaels to kick his ass.

The Biggest Loser will return to the schedule on Tuesday, October 8 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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