As talented as the final four are this season on American Idol, last night's episode was kind of a snoozefest, with one odd song choice after another. The "One Hit Wonders" theme had tons of potential for some interesting and exciting covers. While there were some solid vocal performances to around, the only stand-out among the bunch this week was Angie, who may have performed her way to my top pick to win this season. Among a group of four women with great voices, her stage presence is allowing her to stand out in a way the other three just aren't at this point. This week, Jimmy Iovine and I are in agreement. Angie won the night. But how does America feel? We'll find out.

Moving on to tonight's results, we were promised a "twist" this week, and it seemed likely that whatever change-up the show had in mind had something to do with the fact that the save was never used this season. Typically, the judges have up to the Final 5 to use it, after which it expires. It seems strange that they wouldn't have given Janelle a second chance since the Save was there for the taking. Then again, a second chance for Janelle could have come at the cost of one of the other talented women down the line. The "save" has yet to save a winner since the twist was implemented in Season 8, but it could be argued that it has changed the course of the game in previous seasons. It changes how people vote in the weeks that follow, which may impact who eventually goes on to win. So I can't entirely argue with the judges' choice not to use it, if they didn't feel Janelle deserved it. Personally, I think she did. But the fact that they didn't use it left tonight open to the big game changer.

Before we get to that, tonight's episode was full of adorable moments, including a surprise appearance by Drake, who took the stage to meet Candice. We also saw Jimmy Iovine reveal his suspicions that Nikki Minaj has a crush on him. And three of the four finalists failed to list five things about themselves that America didn't know within a 20-second timeframe. It's probably a lot harder than it looks. Only Amber managed to do it. In fact, she listed six.

On to the results. Ryan had the girls move into two groups of two:

Group 1:

Group 2:

After the nationwide vote, Candice and Amber were the bottom two contestants. Kree and Angie were safe. And that's when Ryan announced that no one's leaving tonight. Given how close we were to the hour, and the save wasn't used that wasn't a huge shocker.

So everyone's safe tonight. But this week's votes count toward next week's results, so Amber and Candice will need to raise their game if they want to catch up with Kree and Angie and try to make it into the Top 3.

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