American Idol Season 12 Top Ten Results And Elimination

The finals have begun, and so far, it's looking like Season 12 of American Idol belongs to the girls. The Top Ten finalists took the stage this week and attempted to win the hearts and votes of the viewing public, some with greater success than others. The results are in and tonight, the lowest vote-getter had one more chance to sing their heart out, in the hopes that the judges would use the "save" to keep them around for another shot. Before that happened, Bon Jovi and Season 11 Idol winner Phillip Phillips each performed, and two previously eliminated contestants from this season returned for one more song.

Non-finalists Charlie and Aubrey were given the chance to take the stage tonight, to perform again in the hopes of earning a spot on the tour. I'm thinking it'll be Aubrey who takes the spot, but it's up to America to vote.

Speaking of the results, the Top 3 reveals that the girls really are coming out on top in this competition right now. Whether that remains the case as things move forward remains to be seen, but with the exception of Lazaro, who landed at #4 on the results list, the girls ranked above the guys.

Here's how the results shook out, with the first three women listed as "Top 3" and everyone else numbered after that…

Candice Glover

Kree Harrison

Angie Miller

4. Lazaro Arbos

5. Amber Holcomb

6. Janelle Arthur

7. Burnell Taylor

8. Paul Jolley

9. Devin Valez

10. Curtis Finch Jr.

Curtis Finch American Idol

Curtis Finch sang R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly" for all it was worth, but given that this is the first opportunity for the judges to use their save, the odds that they'd be unanimous on their decision to use it this soon in the competition seemed like a long shot. Randy passed the official word along that the judges weren't unanimous. Ryan asked Nicki for her thoughts, and for a second, there seemed to be some uncertainty, as though a minute or two more to deliberate might be all it took for Curtis to be saved. But that didn't happen, and Curtis' "Idol journey" montage played.

Will the guys be able to raise their game enough to move up the results list? Or is this season destined to be the season of the women?

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