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While most networks and streaming venues have looked to dramas for their initial dip into original programming, Hulu seems content to just dole out comedies left and right. The website’s latest acquisition is the half-hour laugher Difficult People, which has Amy Poehler on board as an executive producer, and features her Parks and Recreation co-star Billy Eichner and the always hilarious Julie Klausner as the two leads. I’m a huge fan of the reality spoof Hotwives of Orlando, and this sounds like the next best comedic thing that Hulu has to offer.

Difficult People, which was ordered to series, has a pretty basic foundation, as it stars Klausner and Eichner as best friends living in New York City. Not known for being the most couth and behaved people, the duo often get into awkward situations. That could mean anything from a Hello Ladies encounter to a Portlandia sketch, but I’d be game to watch these two actors in anything together, at least once.

Klausner and Eichner already have a solid working relationship, as she’s been an executive producer for his Funny or Die series Billy on the Street, in which he runs around screaming at people to do fairly normal things for a dollar. It’s not the most creatively complex set of segments, but there’s no denying Eichner’s manic presence. It’s a bit out of place even in Parks and Recreation’s largely cartoonish universe, but I can see that overbearing personality being suited better as one half of an offbeat comedy series. Check out Poehler and Eichner together for a Christmas-themed Billy on the Street.

Eichner is still a relatively fresh face to TV audiences, as the only other things he’s done have been a guest spot on The Millers and a voice role on Bob’s Burgers. The latter show has also had Klausner for an episode, and she was also seen recently (by at least a few people) on Fox’s Mulaney. She’s probably best known for her online presence, as well as writing for Best Week Ever with Paul F. Tomkins and The Big Gay Sketch Show. She also starred with Eichner and Rachel Dratch in the short Billy & Rachel’s Halloween Adventure.

It’s not clear yet just how many episodes of Difficult People audiences can look forward too. Production is set to begin early next year, so I’m guessing Hulu will plan on premiering it in the fall or winter. We’ll probably just have to wait for Eichner to yell about it at some point in the future though.