Robin Roberts may be on leave from Good Morning America as she deals with some major cancer issues and the aftermath of surgery, but at least her space onstage has not been left for a pair of puny shoes. The cast of the hit comedy Modern Family, famed Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert, and pop star and fashionista Jessica Simpson have all been billed to fill Roberts’ shoes, and now a more politically minded woman is set to take the stage.

Honestly, I think the word I may have been looking for before was not politically minded as much as it was politically-oriented. Ann Romney, wife of the heavily cowlicked presidential candidate Mitt Romney, is set to guest anchor on ABC’s early morning series. Per Deadline, Romney will appear on Good Morning America on October 10. Romney’s been making plenty of guest appearances on shows like Today and The Tonight Show, but this is the first time she will be appearing as an anchorwoman and not an interviewee.

Her October 10 appearance will also give her a petty win over Michelle Obama. Reportedly, the First Lady was also asked to fill Roberts’ shoes at some point in the future, but so far the First Lady has had to decline. She certainly has a ton of diplomatic duties as the President’s wife to fulfill. But come on, Michelle Obama, if Ann Romney can run around on Good Morning America during the harried months leading to the election, I bet the populace would love to see Obama make the time to attempt the same feat. Hopefully, the First Lady will also find room in her schedule. I, for one, would love to compare outfit notes!

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