FX announced on Wednesday that Archer is getting a fifth season. This should be good news for those who tune in for FX’s animated comedy; however, it may not be particularly surprising news. The show has been doing quite well in several demographics during Season 4 and six episodes in, the network decided the numbers are good enough to go ahead and greenlight the series for another round of episodes.

FX’s executive Vice President, Nick Grad, told Deadline the series “is one of the very best comedy series on television,” which sort-of reads as if the series was renewed due to critical acclaim. However, many a critically acclaimed show has been axed due to poor numbers, so I wouldn’t give all the credit to the critics. In fact, Archer has outperformed itself moving into every new season it has aired. Additionally, Archer now ranks as the second most-watched series by men in the 18-34 demographic (If you are wondering what’s #1, The Walking Dead takes that honor).

Season 4 of Archer still has quite a few episodes left to air, but if you’re already looking ahead to Season 5, you should be pleased to learn the comedy will return for 13 episodes. In a second bout of good news for the series today, Archer will also be running in the best comedy category at the Emmys. This may not seem like a huge deal, but animated comedies aren’t often given a shot at best comedy, although it has happened in the past. Maybe the renewal and the Emmy category transition will even bring a few more eyeballs to the show.

FX’s Archer airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET.

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