Arrested Development Is Bringing Carl Weathers Back For Season 4

Carl Weathers is returning to Arrested Development, along with most of the rest of the original cast. Back in the days when the flick aired on Fox, Weathers appeared in a 3 episodes playing a version of himself, who just so happened to also be Tobias’ hilarious acting coach.

The upcoming season of the former Fox comedy is set to hit Netflix in 2013, and as such, production for the new block of episodes is already underway. Vulture caught up with David Cross—the actor who actually plays Tobias—on the show’s set Thursday, and he spilled the beans about Weathers' upcoming stint on the show.

“All the old friends are back. Carl Weathers is back.”

While Cross doesn’t specify Weathers will be returning in the same capacity he did prior, with the way the new season is being set up, it seems pretty likely the man will return to play Tobias’ acting coach.

The main cast is already set to return for the new season, and in fact, you can check them all out in on the cover of one of EW’s October issues. Additionally, Scott Baio, Jeff Garlin, Judy Greer, Liza Minnelli, Mae Whitman, and Henry Winkler are all expected to reprise their initial roles in the series. Season 4 will also feature some new faces, including Terry Crews and Isla Fisher. The new episodes are going to be jam-packed, and with Netflix, fans will be able to catch the episodes back-to-back, and will even be able to watch them over and over again.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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