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It looks like the Bluths have gotten back together a bit sooner than expected. Alas, we still have to wait until next year to see the cast reunited for the greatly anticipated fourth season of the comedy series when it makes its debut on Netflix, but Entertainment Weekly has a reunion issue coming up, and apparently they're the one magazine who had no choice but to keep get them all together.

This is the Arrested Development cast today!

I'm digging Gob's satin pajamas. And it looks like Buster's got his hook!

EW's third annual Reunion Issue will also include Melrose Place and Clueless, among other memorable TV and movie casts.

But while we're on the subjected of Arrested Development, we just got word that Netflix and Arrested Development are running a contest to award six Walk-On roles to super fans. This includes an expense-paid trip to Los Angeles to visit the set of the series and the opportunity to play a walk-on role in an upcoming episode of Season 4. The contest ends Tuesday, October 16, 2012. More information on the rules and how to enter at

Walk ons? More like Hop ons!

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